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December is speeding past and all I want to do is throw my hands up at the playlist of everything I still need to do that keeps running through my head on repeat.

Luckily, I can sit back, take a breath, and focus on this little saying that has helped me make it through 2015! Let me try that now …

… Okay, that’s better.

I’m not sure why December came on as such a surprise, or with such chaos. But instead of hiding under my blankie, I’m checking my list and pulling back to concentrate on the minimums I can get done.

Maybe I can’t get my whole workout in, but I can do 15 minutes. I didn’t have time to post two Free Kindle Pick o’ the Day posts on Twitter this week, but maybe I shared one. This blog post didn’t make it on Monday, but here it is today. I don’t have an hour to sit and edit, but you can make darn sure I’m getting 1/2 an hour of quality edits in!

Not a whole lot of perfection going on over here – but I’m still in the game, and still making progress. By letting go of my “got to’s” I’m freeing up room for more important things this month: Family, Friends, and the Joy of the present moment.

I’m also making time to visit SusannahConway.com and grabbing a free copy of her workbook, Unraveling the Year Ahead – 2016. It’s a great way to celebrate the progress (slow as it may have been) I’ve made this year, and prep for my goal setting/2016 planning session still to come. Be sure to get your own copy!

How’s your December going? Are you feeling the pinch and pull of too many to-do’s and not enough you? What carries you through the chaos?


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Dec. 12th, 2015 01:23 pm (UTC)
Last month a close friend had a car accident and I was caring for him. My whole life switched around from a to-do list I finished most days to "what's the total bare minimum to keep my own bills paid?"

Now that he can take care of himself again, the amount of time I have feels luxurious.
Dec. 14th, 2015 12:11 pm (UTC)
I'm glad your friend is doing better. That kind of thing really puts our day-to-day lists in perspective, doesn't it? My fingers are crossed I'll get to share in that luxurious feeling when things settle back down.

Okay, first let me cross my fingers things *will* settle back down. LOL.
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