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A few new reviews!

Whoops! Is this me flooding my f'list? I've not been online this much in ages. Blame the Dreamspinner Chat! If you've not had a chance to stop by please do - and remember to look for the Topaz Promotions post with the discount code.

There are a couple of new reviews I just had pointed out to me.

I'm very excited about this one:

Teresa at Fallen Angels has reviewed Undiscovered Territory. One of my favorite sweet, rather than spicey pieces.

Ms. Munder has created a fun story about chance meetings that could change the course of your life. This may be a short story, but the plotline and characters come together to engage the reader from the beginning. This is a great story if you want to read a book that isn’t real long but is delightful to read. Layne isn’t looking for a new relationship, but his instant reaction to Terri surprises him. I loved watching how Layne and Terri were immediately attracted to each other. Thanks go to Ms. Munder for a wonderful story.

Thank you! Teresa.

And Joyfully Reviewed has reviewed both Make Me a Match Vol. 1 and Make Me a Match Vol. 2..