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Soldiers' Angels - Blankets of Hope

My initial exposure to the amazing world of Soldiers' Angels was an invite from a friend to join her sewing team. While there are many different sewing team opportunities listed on the website, I've always been partial to the Blankets of Hope Project.

Here's more info from the website: "The Blankets of Hope team creates unique, handmade blankets to send hope, support and gratitude to America's wounded and veterans. Used on hospital beds, wheelchairs, and transport litters on medevac flights, Blankets of Hope bring the message that each servicemember is loved and not forgotten. They are included in our First Response Backpacks and Vet Packs sent to Combat Support Hospitals in the war zones, major medical facilities in Germany and around the world, and selected military hospitals and veterans centers here at home."

Why it matters: "Wounded soldiers are quickly evacuated from the battlefield, leaving behind their clothing, personal equipment, and their brothers in arms. During this time of pain and upheaval, the Blanket of Hope provides warmth and comfort for the wounded soldier. Most importantly, it shows the soldier that someone cares about him and is thinking and praying for him at that very moment. This is very powerful for a wounded hero... the knowledge that someone cares. We are very proud of this project and what it has done for those brave wounded heroes."

To better understand the impact a simple blanket can make, please visit the website to read comments from recipients.

Unable to sew? Consider a Blanket of Hope kit, where the blanket is already sewn and has a white fabric panel in the middle you can write on or decorate with stencils and fabric pens.


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Jun. 30th, 2011 10:01 am (UTC)
That's marvellous, I'd never heard of them. I took part in a charity knitting project in the UK last year for squares for blankets. It was a chance to brush up my knitting prowess! though I was sorry not to see the finished product.
Jul. 5th, 2011 01:55 pm (UTC)
SA is an amazing group. I came across them when I started doing the charity crochet work more than few years back. Let me applaud your knitting - I try it for a while, but then I always go back to crochet as I can finish something in half the time. (and ooh, look at you - all angelic)
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