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Undiscovered Territory - Little Miss Colburn's music recital attracts both mommy and daddy, a man for whom music teacher Layne feels an immediate attraction. But three strikes – he's married, he's a father, and he's straight – convince Layne that it's never to be. Then Mr. Colburn calls about finding a new instructor for his daughter…

Santa's Little Helper - Left in the lurch without a Santa, Rob grabs a gorgeous guy he sort-of recognizes from the office to wear the red suit, and it's immediate attraction on both their parts. But Rob's ex, John, knows something important about the jolly ol' fellow, something he hopes doesn't ruin the holiday magic.

A Halloween Tail - When Lionel gets strong-armed into baby sitting and taking his niece trick-or-treating, he suffers the humiliation of the big purple costume and follows through. Little did he know that the hideous purple tail would catch the attention of the man he's been waiting for!