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Courtesy of the Affirmations Michigan website:

Selecting a health care practitioner can be difficult. Picking one that you know will be LGBT-friendly takes some of the fear out of that process. At Affirmations, we've created LGBT standards of practice for the health care community and have built a database of practitioners who agree to abide by those standards. We have over 100 doctors, dentists, chiropractors, counselors and others on our LGBT-friendly referral list, available online. For more information, contact London Bell, Health Services Coordinator at 248-398-7105 x218.

Visit their link for a list of Discussion & Support Groups including Transgender Life Support, Polyamory, and Caring Caregivers.

The Affirmations Helpline provides peer counseling, empathy and community resources for the LGBT community Call them at 1-800-398-GAYS.