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Oh Great Pumpkin Time

(I was late posting September’s “where’s Waldo” post so I’m going to early on posting Octobers.) And just how rude is it of me to gleefully see others having problems with the rich text posting here also. Not much point in doing a rich text cut if it’s just going to show the cut and all the text as well. That means I’m having to *gasp* code all of this.

Enough griping.

What do you think of when you think of October? Crisp nights? Beautiful night skies? The smell of burning leaves and the hint of mystery to come? Add in pumpkin carving and dress-up games of make-believe and it’s no wonder it’s one of my favorite months. There’s nothing quite like going for a walk once the moon comes out and experiencing that feeling when time just stretches before me and seems endless.

It’s so different from my real life!

4 Fall New Releases available for purchase from Dreamspinner Press and 2 more to go.

* Business Before Pleasure**Bridge of Dreams ** Hearts & Flowers **It Takes One to Know One *
Look for the October 13th and November 17th releases of Dreamspinner Press’s upcoming Make Me A Match Anthologies.

Here’s where you can find me in October:


Monday, October 6th – Promo/Excerpt posting at Fallen Angel Chatters

Wednesday, October 8th – They don’t have a chat scheduled so I’ll be sliding over to Joyfully Reviewed after work and posting a few excerpts.

Friday, October 10th – It’s Blurb & Excerpt Day at Literary Nymphs Chat. I’ll definitely be putting a few excerpts up.

Monday, October 13th – NEW RELEASE DAY!
Do you think I should take the day off to celebrate? I do!

Third Times the Charm in the Make Me a Match Anthology Volume One. Buy yours today!!

Man Love Monday – Promo/Excerpt Posting over at the Peeping Hole.

Beth Wylde is kind enough to offer a Monday Author Promo day over at her Wylde Bunch Yahoo! Group. I’ll share a few excerpts of Third Times the Charm there as well.

Thursday, October 16th - Sunday, October 19th - I'll be crying in my cheap airline seat as I'm flying off to a family type thing and missing my favorite party. I'm hoping to get back in time to swing by GBLT M/M Day at Love Romances Café – This is swiftly becoming my favorite parties. You want fantastic authors? They’ll be there. You want great excerpts and buy links? Come on down! *sniffle* and think of me if I don't make it.

Tuesday, October 21st – Author Promo day at to Joyfully Reviewed

Thursday, October 23rd – It’s Karen’s Birthday. Ha! I snuck that in on her. She’s going to kill me.

Friday, October 24th - - It’s Blurb & Excerpt Day at Literary Nymphs Chat

Sunday, October 26th – Get ready to have a BLAST!! Mark this on your calendars and make no plans. I’ll post more info as it become official.

Monday, October 27th - Promo/Excerpt posting at Fallen Angel Chatters

Thursday, October 31st – Happy Halloween!