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Why you ask? I've just read the best description of a conversation between a writer and their inner saboteur I've ever come across.

Here's a taste:

Let’s ignore Ollin’s suggestion that we ‘Write First.’ I mean it’s not a big deal right? We don’t need to write now anyway, we can do it after we check our e-mail. Why don’t we do that right now? Shall we? Yes, why don’t you just click on that Firefox icon and open up a web browser and see if you got a response from what’s-her-face about that watchamacallit. Yes, just click on the Firefox icon. Dooo it. Dooo it. DOOO IT!

But wait, the best is still to come. Even if your inner saboteur isn't screaming at you from the shrubbery, click here to read the article, How To Finish Your Best Writing Day Ever by Ollin Morales and see how the crafty writer thwarts their inner saboteur.

You'll be cackling too.