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Granted, all the latest news articles state that Facebook is so over, and all the cool kids are bailing for the next big thing, but Facebook is still considered the giant in social media. So how do we get our posts out there on the newsfeed and in front of our friends and fans? I can't tell you how many times I've realized I've not seen any posts from so-and-so for a while, and then had to go out and look on their page. But most friends/readers won't take that time. Here's the best description of Edgerank (the algorithm Facebook uses to decide who sees what), I've read yet. Okay, maybe I won't spend any more time on Facebook than I already do, but at least I now understand why I've not seen any posts from so-and-so.

Plus it includes a cool graphic explaination of the system using Batman. How could I resist sharing?

You can read it over at Dendrite Park.