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As seen on TV - Space Bags!

Don't laugh. Well, too hard. :) We've all seen those commercials on television for the various brands of plastic bags you put your stuff in and then vacuum out the air, thus keeping your items safe from critters of all sorts, damp, and odor while reducing their bulk for neater storage. We recently had occasion to try them out at chez Munder, and by golly, they work. You should have seen Mr. Munder when I brought them out for storing bedding and towels up at the cottage. First he scowled, then he complained about the waste of money, then he watched as I tried one out. Guess who did the rest? :)

So, until Mr. Munder manages to win his battle against the cottage mouse (latest score: Mouse 2, Mr. Munder 0), at least I know the little furball won't be setting up a nest in my spare towels.



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Sep. 3rd, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
I was amazed. LOL. But I've just purchased a set for hanging garments to handle the winter coats, etc. in the hall closet. Oh no, they've created a monster!
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