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How about you? I'm all turned about with the Monday holiday day and have been mixing things up all day long. But I am pleased with what was accomplished during almost five full days without internet, phones, or television. Some highlights?

-- painted the shed to match the cottage
-- scrubbed down all the walls in the cottage and vacuumed until nothing else came up in the filter. That was hypnotising. First a horizontal vac, then a vertical, then horizontal again. Dump the filter and redo another five times. Very Zen
-- held a brief outdoor burial and had a moment of silence for Mr. Cottage Mouse. Yes, Mr. Munder finally came out on top of this battle of wits
-- took out all the shelf liners and disinfected now that Mr. Cottage Mouse is no more. Fingers crossed he didn't have time to procreate
-- whacked a good deal of shrubbery down, removed a few trees, and then chopped all the debris up into manageable bits
-- discovered three! new restaurants to enjoy
-- spent one night on the blow-up air mattress and then went out and found a furniture store with reduced rates and next day delivery for our new sofa sleeper, recliner, and kitchen table. Yay! Places to sit
-- spent an entire day at the channel breakwall between White Lake and Lake Michigan. After a night on that air mattress I had no trouble falling asleep on the concrete
-- laughed myself silly at the channel sign "Boats over 40 feet 8 miles per hour only". Then I saw one of them. *blinks* Huge!

I hope your holiday was as enjoyable. :)