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New Review for Third Times the Charm

There's a new review up for Third Times the Charm as well as the other stories in the Make Me a Match Anthology over at the Well Read Blog .

You can either click the link above or

Third Time's a Charm by Chrissy Munder

This was my favourite story in the anthology. It was a really sweet tale of doctor Nick and construction worker John who meet when John brings one of his workmen to the clinic where Nick works. John wants to ask Nick out but feels as a blue collar worker he is somehow 'beneath' Nick. When John does ask Nick out, Nick turns him down because he is too busy with his work for a relationship. It takes a crisis on the construction site to bring the two together. The only negative point I have about the story is that Nick's excuse for not seeing John is a bit flimsy. Other than that, this is a well written story with believable characters. Once again we are left at the end with a promise of things to come, in fact I wished that the story were longer as I wanted to take some of that journey with them - the mark of a good story.

Thanks Jen!