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Many people laugh when they read writing advice that tells them a dialogue tag is invisible to most readers. But I'm living proof that's true. In fact, dialogue tags were so invisible to me that when I first starting writing I had no clue what they were or how to use them. Matter of fact, like most grammar-related items, I could still use some help.

But I weep no more for my dialogue tag ignorance. Found on twitter this morning, courtesy of @taralain via @empetrova here is EM's blog post to help me out. Yes, I'm posting this all across my outlets, but dang, it's because it's donuts, wait, no, (well, kinda) it's because it's a great explaination on how to properly use dialgue tags in every circumstance.

Today we’re tackling punctuation–groan–in dialogue! Read on for the fun! No, really. I’m going to make it fun ...

(yes, she really does - click on her opening text to read more)