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A busy day across the web. Some favorite links to share.

When I'm looking for neat and interesting stuff on the web I normally head over to Chris's blog - Stumbling Over Chaos and her amazing (should be patented) Linkity posts. But today is one of those amazing days where there is great stuff everywhere. I thought I'd share just a few:

For a refreshing look at parenthood (he compares it to herding cats, one of my favorite hobbies) there's this very moving post by Leo Babauta on The Essence of Fatherhood -

How about 3 Things You Need to Stop Doing to Get Started with What You Truly Want to Do courtesy of The Positivity Blog -

Win a copy of Clare London's Freeman over at Elisa's

Remember the joys of Word Perfect and your favorite Macro? I used to be the Macro Queen and had a slew of them at my fingertips. Not much compared to the bliss of hitting a few keys and having the computer prepare an entire form letter for you. Thems were the days. :) Well, here's a free 600 page guide containing 400 Macros you can use in Word. Download your free copy of Macros for Writers and Editors by Paul Beverley:

And then, to better understand how to use them, C.K. Macleod gives us a whole slew of helpful blog posts:

See what I mean?

What's your favorite web find today?

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