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Ready to Jump into August?

I am. Even though there is a part of me digging my fingernails into the last day of July and shrieking, "No! No! More than half the year can't be over!". Okay, there's more than a part of me busy shrieking. But if I've learned anything, it's that I may as well get over it and get going.

To help me along I'm planning out my month with the free Monthly Action Planner from Charlie Gilkey over at Productive Flourishing. He offers a wide variety of daily, weekly, and monthly planners (for free! <3), and yearly packages for a modest price. I appreciate the monthly planner because I can lay out my rough expectations for the month without really boxing myself in. Lord knows, I need the flexibility.

I like that I'm able to see my plans quickly and at a glance. This format also helps me keep from the dreaded *over-planning*. A trap I often fall into.

Are you ready for August? Do you have a favorite format for planning your goals out? Do you prefer to wing it? Or have you evolved to the point where you look down and laugh at the silly humans trying to grab some semblance of control over their time?