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Inversity Rules!

Does this ever happen to you? The amusing certainty when out shopping that the amount of stuff you'd love to buy is inverse to your available cash? You can also toss the desperate need (dress to wear to a friend's wedding, let's say) with which you need said stuff into the equation for added fun. Happens to me every time. The same can be said about the web. How is it the weeks I'm busiest are also the weeks where there is great stuff on the web I'd love to have time to read?

This is one of those weeks.

Since I've not had time to read through all I'd wish this week, let me share some of the links with you so I can enjoy them vicariously and find them again when I do have time. Yeah, I'm sneaky that way.

- An interesting podcast for us introverts: Four Reasons to Grow Your Personal Brand by Dale Callahan. Any post on personal (or author) branding that starts out "I'm the kind of person who likes to hide" is right up my alley.

- 5Tips for a DIY Writer's Retreat over at Writer's in the Storm. No intro needed for this one, and check out the porch in the picture of that log cabin. I would love to retreat there for a bit.

- Writer's,  Find Your Inner Guidance System at Writer's Fun Zone.

- Keeping it Simple - Guidelines for Writing Novellas courtesy of my favorite website, Romance University.

- How about this little gem? Why Writers Need Courage, (& 2 tips on getting It) via Time to Write.

There's a few more on my list, but I'll stop there and save them for next week, when the inversity rule strikes me in the other direction.