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New Reviews

I'm pleased to say that Fallen Angel Reviews has posted reviews on 4 of my short stories. Follow the links for the full review or view the short versions that follow:

Bridge of Dreams Reviewed by Kimber.

Bridge of Dreams is a surprisingly tender love story between two rough and tough men. Although the language is harsh, it is fitting for construction workers. The bedroom door is securely closed but the sensuality is inescapable. The description of working the bridge was so skillfully drawn that this reviewer, with her fear of heights, felt dizzy. Bridge of Dreams is a short but sweet read.

Brush with Desire Reviewed by Whitney.

This is another humorous offering from Chrissy Munder, who seems to have just the right touch to keep the reader laughing through her stories. Brush with Desire is a quick and funny read. Brian seems to have a number of what he feels to be kinky fetishes – hair, submission, a little bit of spanking – and he has met just the right man in Dale, who appears to know all of the right buttons to press to help out with these kinks. Dale is Brian’s wet dream and his perfect foil, and the interaction between the two makes for comic reading. Brian’s voice in this story is endearing and self-deprecating, and the reader will laugh out loud as he shops for treats and toys to bribe his cat and deals with being turned on by a man with a hairbrush in the grocery store. Readers of this story should expect to a very entertaining experience.

Busines Before Pleasure Reviewed by Whitney.

Business Before Pleasure is a quick and enjoyable read. Joel’s viewpoint/voice is very engaging as he kicks himself in hindsight and calls himself all kinds of a fool for allowing himself to be taken advantage of by his predatory lover. He is also an extremely funny drunk. The reader is formally introduced to Bryce through Joel’s alcoholic haze, and the scene is comical enough to make you laugh out loud. The reader doesn’t get to know Bryce quite as well as Joel, but Bryce has a dry humor to him that fits the story very well. Anticipation of seeing Charles, the dishonest coworker, get his comeuppance will keep the reader glued to this story to the end and entertained the whole time.

Just a Little Romance Reviewed by Whitney.

Just a Little Romance by Chrissy Munder is a lighthearted short story populated with fun and irreverent characters. The reader can’t help but love Jeremiah – he walks around with a dark cloud hovering over his head and is driven to distraction by the antics of his friend’s grandmother and sister. Poor man, all he wants is a little romance, not the passel of trouble that these two bring into his weekend. Gramma L. is so feisty that the reader anticipates the trouble that she is going to make as soon as she is introduced in the story. The action falls just short of being slapstick comedy, and the romance – once Jeremiah finds it – fits the same mold. Just a Little Romance is a quick, fun story that will keep the reader laughing and wondering what could possibly happen next. It is definitely worth a read.