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Back in the Saddle Again

Why yes, that is Aerosmith blaring over the speakers right now. The song seems fitting as I sit sideways in front of my computer (have to make room for fat boy and his pillow - sideways is the only way to go), and jump back into the rewrites. It's September!! Notice the dual exclamation points? Fall is my favorite time of the year, and September means crunchy leaves, amazing sunsets, cooler walks, and the joys of back-to-school sales at my favorite office supply store. Let me breathe deep and channel my inner Robert Duvall - yes, I love the smell of Sharpies in the morning - and shiny notebooks, pens, pencils, and calendars! OOOH! I love new calendars!

We planned to finish 3 outdoor projects during our rural vacation, and I'm pleased to say even with the rain we instead conquered 9. Including gutter cleaning, deck painting, garage emptying, bathroom recaulking, more brush clearing, and log cutting and stacking. Nothing like sweating your balls off for hours on end. We had a great time - sore muscles and all. Don't worry, there was plenty of shoreline joy mixed in with the work.

All that fun does mean I'm behind on my goal of finishing this rewrite - so I'm settling down and digging in. Thanks to this timely blog post over at Writing Forward - Seven Ways Your Physical Environment Can Help or Hinder Your Writing I have a new toy ... erhm ... tool to keep me on task. It's called Noisli - a free, online background noise and color generator. While I still favor RainyMoods.com, I like that I can mix and match my background noises (bonfire + leaves + train or wind + seaside), type in a distraction-free space, and then save my work to my PC. So here I go, off to rewrite with Noisli in the background.

What do you think about this time of year? Are you a Spring or Fall lover? If you write, does your physical environment impact your writing and do you have a favorite way to cope?