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Grab your needles and start donating!

Well, if I thought October was a lost month, November is swiftly jumping on the same bandwagon. Yeehaw! But, I'm on time enough to know yesterday was the Marine Corps Birthday (something you memorize your first year w/a Marine) which means today is Veteran's Day and a good time to share a couple of ways we celebrate year round.

First up is Knit Your Bit. I repeatedly post this link because it's a great one. First launched in 2006 by the National WWII Museum, this campaign has grown to have a tremendous reach with over 30,000 scarves donated to veteran centers. Visit their website and grab a couple of free patterns (both knit and crochet) and get going. They even have a Facebook group you can join.

Second is one of my favorite organizations Soldiers' Angels Sewing and Crafting team. If you like to sew more than knit or crochet there's plenty of craft items to make and donate. Including: No-Sew Blankets,  Lap Blankets. Beanies, Wheelchair/Walker Totes, Ditty Bags,  Trach/Stoma Bibs, Catheter Bag Cover, Cool Scarves, Sand Scarves, and Drawstring Pillowcase Bag. Instructions for each item are available on the team page.

Third is Scarves with a Purpose. What can I say? I'm a crocheting fool. This way I can donate my handiwork to the homeless and not clutter up the house. It's a win/win. More patterns available at the site.

What more excuse do you need to go out and buy yarn year round?