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Guest Blogging Guidelines

I appreciate all my guest bloggers, but to help things run smooth it's easier to get a few guidelines out of the way:

Just as an FYI, any posts to this blog are mirrored on Blogger and linked to via my website, Goodreads, FB & Twitter.

Please submit the post at least 10 days prior to the date you'd like the post to run to allow for pre-post drum-beating and for me to actually get the piece formatted and up on the site.

Please be considerate of content. The focus should be on you, the author or your work. I prefer to avoid overt political views, images of naked bits, and deliberately controversial/wank-building topics.

If you plan on having a book giveway in your post, please be aware you will be responsible for the giveway, any follow-up, and for actually awarding the prize.

I accept both pre-formated html posts or rich text with embedded links. In either case I ask that you also send along any graphics  as well as the links used in case there are any translation problems. Obviously this is where the 10 days prior comes into play. If any difficulties arise, I will attempt to contact you as soon as possible, but it's best to allow extra time.

Please be sure to include contact links for any social media sites - including your author page at your publisher/Amazon, etc. Depending on where your post falls in your book release schedule please include pre-order links or purchase links where applicable.

If you have any questions, please contact me. The goal is to make your guest post experience easier on both of us, not more difficult.