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Homonym Hump Day - Affect or Effect?

Wow. Today's homonym is one I'm not sure I'll ever remember correctly. Here's a case where I've almost given up hope Mrs. Wolf's mantra of "if you write it down you'll retain it" will work. But maybe her other advice to second graders - "practice makes perfect" will finally help this sink in.

In my Pink Squirrel Press Anthology Release, Summer Hire we get to see the effect Jim's boss, Aaron has on him. The first time they meet all Jim can think about is his favorite porn film. As they get to know each other Aaron's affects Jim in ways he never imagined.

Hey, I think I got that one right. Go me! (What?  you never celebrate the little things?) I'd better doublecheck over at Vocabulary.com to be sure.

Is there a set of homonyms that won't stick in your brain, no matter how many times you look them up? Do you think they'll ever stick?