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2008 Advent Calendar - The stories

The list of story summaries and authors is up for the 2008 Advent Calendar from Dreamspinner Press.. Looks like some fun reading.

You still have until December 3rd to purchase the entire collection or you can purchase the titles individually after December 1st.

I am lucky enough to have two stories in the Calendar:

A Gift of Ash and Frost:
When new residents come to the Grange, Mathias applies for a job at the house and is hired on at the housekeeper’s request for the Christmas season. He finds there a temptation of the body and heart in the form of the house’s master, one that he is ill-equipped to handle or resist … not that he has the desire to do so.

Giving Gifts:
Seth is having a scarily good time at the office Christmas party this year. He owes it all to his hoped-for boyfriend, Oscar, who turned him into a carefree programmer from an uptight nerd. If Mr. Saroc, the company CEO’s assistant, would quit dogging his steps at work, Seth believes his happiness with Oscar will be complete in time for kissing under the mistletoe.