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To ease the pain of Tax Time visit All Romance Ebooks TOMORROW APRIL 15 for 25% off a whole host of publishers! Including my co-authored anthologies from Pink Squirrel Press -Winter Warmers & Summer Lovin'! Happy Reading!

Need a little more tempting? Here's an excerpt from Summer Hire, my contribution to the Summer Lovin' anthology:

Jim Carlson had nothing against porn. Being twenty-two and single, he had more than a passing acquaintance with that particular genre of filmmaking, thank you very much. But other than one night his first year in college where he was really, really, drunk? He'd never thought he'd be starring in one.

Was he dreaming? Jim didn't think so. A restless sleeper at the best of times, he had trouble adjusting to new places, and the Vedders' attic bedroom, while cozy, wasn't his familiar campus apartment. He gave the inside of his wrist a surreptitious pinch to make sure, and rubbed at the resulting sting. Okay, he was definitely awake. Option two? This was one of those shock-based television shows, and some third-rate celebrity host was going to jump out of nowhere and yell, "Surprise, here's your gay fantasy".

Either way, Jim couldn't help but check for cameras. Because when he and his friend, Cheryl Vedder, had strolled into the stifling hot garage to meet their new employer; some buddy of her brother's who ran a repair/summer rental business, they'd walked right into a scene from one of his favorite all-adult DVDs.

Cars on hoists? Check. An assortment of tools scattered around the benches alongside the back? Check. Tires piled against the other wall? Country music blaring from the battered radio in the corner? The air itself a heady mix of oil and exhaust? Oh yeah, it was all there. Including the man over by the hoist who made Jim want to slide on over and drop to his knees in the purest time-honored tradition, the better to properly say hello.

Jim savored the view. 'Cause seriously, somehow someone had poked through his DVD collection and put all of his favorites in one drool worthy, coverall wearing package.

He hummed approval at the shoulder-length dark hair pulled into a messy ponytail before letting let his gaze wander its greedy way over each inch of sweaty, lean, and--be still his beating heart--tattooed muscle. The thin white tank and slim waist exposed by the unzipped coveralls completed the picture. Yeah, he was a sucker for the classics. Sue him.

Jim told himself the prickly sensation crawling under his skin was from the humidity, and wiped at the sweat beaded on his forehead as every hunky-mechanic-meets-twink-customer vignette he'd ever beat off to flashed through his mind.

Forget the fun-in-the-sun summer Cheryl had promised him in return for a few hours of mindless labor. Forget the chance to use this break to find a job and a place to live, both of which he desperately needed now that he had graduated and was basically homeless without the security of campus housing. If this was the scenery the west side of Michigan had to offer, his summer was looking up. Sure, there was the whole pesky is he gay/is he straight thing to deal with, but Jim was willing to take the risk.

"O.M.G." Jim breathed as he clutched at Cheryl's arm. "I think I'm in love."