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There was a veritable flurry of excited confetti tossing on the Munder blog this weekend. Anyone care to ask why?  It's okay. I'll wait ... naaah, I'm too tickled to wait. I confirmed my first guest author in celebration of the 2015 release of Dreamspinner Press' Daily Dose. You know, the event where they release a story a day every day for the month of June? I don't have a story in this year's group, but I did get a few chances to read a couple early on (thank you, kind authors!) and I can't wait for the rest. You can purchase the complete set at a discounted price until May 25th - and then receive a new story every day in June - or you can wait until they are all released and purchase them individually or the entire package at a slightly higher price. Love that Dreamspinner Press gives us a choice.

And if you are an author with a story in the event? There's still plenty of room here for some promo and guest blog posts. Just send me an email ( chrissymunder@yahoo.com ) and we'll set a date.

For a little added incentive - here's a glimpse of this year's cover: