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Hither and yon in July. Pics & Updates!

Wheeeeeoooooo! Yep, that's me wiping the sweat from my forehead. Not only because our AC crapped out on Friday night. Friday and night being the operative words. Can you say time and half repair bill? Of course you can. Thankfully, we have a basement to retreat to when the temps soar above 90 degrees F. But that's been our July. One thing after another. Most of them good, but still, we've been gone every weekend and my little routine-loving soul is craving the more peaceful pace of Autumn.

What have we been doing in addition to writing, revising said writing, and somehow signing up for more craft classes than is good for me? What haven't we! Rather than jamming it all into one post, I'm going to put up a picture a day this week so you can share the fun.

We started out the weekend of the 4th w/a bang that included fireworks and a visit to TigerTown:

How have you spent your summer? Do you prefer staycations? Lazy days at the beach? Or do you like to travel?