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Wheeeeoooooo! That's my August so far. Remember when just a post or two ago I was fondly contemplating August's slower pace? Yeah, not so far. But I have hopes, darn it. High ones. In the meantime we are continuing our cottage frenzy with staining the deck, the window well, and unexpectedly doing some work to the guest bedroom because of well, unexpected guests! So all my carefuly laid out plans are in a tangled disarray. But I'm going with it. Last weekend included boat rides and beaches. I can't ask for more than that. Despite my absences, there will be some awesome Guest Authors coming up on the blog and maybe even a post or two with some peeks at my latest wip. In the meantime, we have StormShots! We had a terrific one blow in while we were at the beach and I have to share some of the images we took: