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Our holiday celebrations continue with an excerpt from Better with Sprinkles. We love having friends and family join us in our traditional cookie baking marathons and surprisingly, there’s still enough to give away when we’re done. We have several favorite recipes and I had a hard time picking which one to include at the end of this story for my readers to bake and enjoy. In the end, both Tom and I favor the soft frosted sugar cookie recipe adapted by my grandmother and I hope you actually try the recipe and decide for yourself. Do you and your family have a favorite cookie recipe you make each holiday?


Better with Sprinkles

This and all the Dreamspinner Press holiday stories 30% off December 2-5!

College student Tom Molina isn’t too interested when his roommate Derek tries to convince him to leave his books and help out with the campus LGBTA Center’s annual Christmas cookie sale. But Derek has an ace in the hole to score the center Tom’s grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe: fellow volunteer Jeanette’s cousin just happens to be the organic chemistry T.A. Tom’s been dreaming about. Now Tom just has to hope Isaac is as interested in baking cookies as he is in chemistry and HIV awareness.


The hardest part of the day so far entailed making sure wandering fingers left the finished product alone. Deciding to give up the battle in favor of winning the war, Tom fended them off with a plate of warm-from-the-oven samples, and suggested the group take a break to enjoy while he mixed up yet another batch of sugar cookies. In Tom’s view, there couldn’t be enough of his favorite soft cookie. Once topped with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles nothing equaled the taste.

“Do my ideas rock, or do they rock?” Derek mumbled as he surveyed the neat rows on the cooling racks with blatant, lustful intent.

“Back away from the cookies, Derek,” Tom said sharply. “You’ve already had your share.”

“But they’re so pretty,” Derek wheedled. “Just one, I promise. Pretty please with naked Isaac Peterson’s on top?”

“Something sure smells delicious. I followed the aroma from the parking lot.” A new voice spoke up behind Tom, and he whirled around, choking as he recognized the man in front of him. Oh my God, does he look good, was Tom’s first thought as he wheezed, his chest and throat constricting as he attempted to breathe. Oh my God, did Isaac hear Derek, was his second.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Tom’s college crush smiled at him, and Tom choked up even more. Isaac Peterson: just as amazing as he remembered—all blond, wavy hair and blue eyes, smiling, at him. Tom had dreamed about this moment. Often. But usually alone, naked, and slippery with lube.

Isaac Peterson. Naked. Lube. Tom had trouble seeing past the flashing spots of light in his mind’s eye.

“I’m glad you guys didn’t have any difficulty getting in.”

Ignoring Tom’s dilemma, Derek reached out to shake hands. “Nope, no problems at all. Thanks again for letting us use the kitchen.”

“You’re welcome, and trust me, you’ll pay during the actual sale.”

Tom bit his tongue when Isaac’s polite smile turned sly and just a little bit wicked, and he immediately saved the mental image to his fantasy-Isaac collection for later use. Right about the time Tom realized he wasn’t able to start breathing on his own, Laura walked up beside him and hit him sharply on the back. Tom coughed in response, sucking air into his starved lungs and watching in horror as an eager Isaac Peterson turned toward him.