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Best Writing & Revision Tracker - Ever!

Happy  Monday, y'all! How's January working out for you? I'm neck-deep in acceptance that I have overbooked my January like a big dog - maybe even a small horse. *Sigh*. Go figure. But we'll get through. It's what we do, right? In the meantime, I wanted to share one of my favorite! favorite tools in my writing tool kit - Jamie Raintree's fabulous Writing and Revision tracker. You heard me - writing & REVISION tracking - on MULTIPLE PROJECTS. WhooHoo!!

Jamie has figured out a way to make this whole tracking my stats thing easy and she's done all the work setting up the spreadsheets. All I do is enter my (up to 8!!!) project names - this could be individual titles or even just categories such as blog posts, poems, short stories, novellas, etc. Then I enter my daily word count or number of revised pages. Boom! The magic of Excel does the work and I have updated daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly figures.

I've used Jamie's tracker over the last several years and it's been a fantastic aid in understanding my writing process. When she revamped the spreadsheet for the new year and added the revision tracking feature I knew it was time to share.

We all know the importance of tracking our writing progress through the year, and we all have our favorite systems. If yours isn't as seamless as you'd like, or leaves you hanging when it comes to edits and revisions you might want to explore Jamie's Writing and Revision Tracker. Then come join us in her Motivated Writers Facebook Group.

Do you currently track your writing stats? What's your favorite system and do you think you'll give Jamie's a try?