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My Love Affair with Big Steve!

Writing Life2

Or at least with his insanely easy Artisan Bread with Steve No-Knead Bread recipes/videos on YouTube! So far we've tried the Oatmeal Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Artisan Cheddar Bread, Classic White Bread,and the Turbo Honey Oatmeal recipes. And look! Pictures! I don't have a picture of the Honey Oatmeal because the entire point of making a Turbo recipe was to go from bowl to table in 2-1/2 hours, and yes! we ate it before the camera came out.
(disclaimer: I never claimed to be a decent photographer)

This stuff is so easy to make, and so darn good I still can't believe it. I've tried for years to become a decent homemade bread maker. Years. But yeast and I just never seemed to get along no matter how much I tried to proof and knead it into submission. So if we wanted fresh bread made of a basic 4 or 5 ingredients without preservatives, plastics (yoga mat chemicals people, yoga mat chemicals) or other additives I needed to use a bread maker. Which is fine. I loved my bread maker for years. But, I really missed the tactile, mind-soothing act of mixing.

Enter Steve and his No-Knead Bread recipes. If you follow along with one of his videos you'll see there's not a whole lot of mixing. Or a whole lot of effort period. But I *feel* like I'm a bread-making ace. And for my fellow authors? The proofing and baking times work as built-in Pomodoros.

Go ahead. Watch one of Steve's videos. Try it. Then come back and let me know what you think of this method. (and how it tasted!)