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New Reviews for Advent Calendar Stories

I'm pleased to say that elisa_rolle reviewed my two stories that are part of the Dreamspinner Press Advent Calendar .

Here are snips of the reviews and links to the full review:

A Gift of Frost and Ash - Full Review here . - This is one of the best historical gay romance I read lately, my only regret is that it's too short and left me with the desire to read more. and ...As I said the story is really short, 50 pages, but it has a very well developed plot, and Mathias is a well-round character; on the other hand Mr. Mason and the two gentlemen are only hinted, and I would really glad to read more, on how they arrive to live in a isolated country house, even if it's obviously conceivable.

Giving Gifts - Full Review Here . When you find such good characters, you can only say that it's a shame that they leave you so soon

I'm very pleased Elisa enjoyed the stories.