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February's Monthly Motivation


Will this thought help push you along this month? Why? Or why not?


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Feb. 8th, 2016 01:09 am (UTC)
Oh lord, yes. For months now I have been offbeat, offline, and off-kilter. I need to quit trying so hard to get the planets to align perfectly, and just start my way back. One step, then one step. Find a loose thread - any loose thread - and tug at it. Ugh. Liiiife.

So how are YOU?
Feb. 8th, 2016 06:56 pm (UTC)
OMG! *grabby hands* There you are!!!! *smishes you and babbles madly* I went poking around looking for you and realized the only way I had to get hold of you was commenting on your DW or LJ and it was TERRIBLE. You were nowhere to be found for MONTHS! And I WORRIED!!


Wait, we have an audience don't we?

*backs away from the Brig and attempts to look cool*

Hey, so like, it's been awhile. How's it going?


Ooookay, the looking cool part obviously failed. :) I'm so happy to hear from you, but sorry to hear it's been so rough. Yeah, those damn planets have been real bastards when it comes to aligning in our favor.

Baby steps.

Little, bitty, baby steps. You can do it.

I'll give you cookies. Hell, I'll make you cookies. And bread. Man, I'm a bread making fool right now. Homemade, organic flour, (gluten-free if you swing that way) No-knead - so damn easy the fat cat could do it if he had a 1/4 of an inkling to do anything other than boss me around - yeasty, fresh from the oven bread.

I blame it all on YouTube and Artisan Bread with Steve. *shakes fist*

Other than that? I'm neck deep in trying to figure out how to turn my 100% visually orientated writing and editing process into an auditory one. Let me show you my best Scarlett O'Hara impersonation:

Ahem. *raises fist to sky* As God is my witness, I will finish these damn WIPs whether I can see them when they are finished or not!

Now there's a party.

Let's go back to making bread. And cinnamon rolls. And cookies.

If that doesn't work - here's my secret weapon to get your juices flowing:

witchblade:the complete series

The most underrated, intriguing, eye candied, complex, amazing cable TV series ever. If you have Netflix, check it out there. Then come back and talk to me. We'll write fic, make Ian clones, and watch dehpenguin vids together.

Feb. 10th, 2016 10:02 pm (UTC)
*giggles* Yeah, it's nice to be back. Or at least close to being back. Back-ish. Working on it.

Sadly, part of the journey has been to learn that cookie-things and bread-things are only sometimes my friends. My love for them tends to be unrequited, erm, intestinally. I'm working on how to kind of get around that. So far I find that if I ration carefully it's okay. But I gotta tell ya, on weekend mornings I want my toast, darn it, and I do not want to have to ration it! But there it is. /o\

Aaaand as of this morning my suspicion of arthritis in various places on my person has been made medically official. Pfffftt. Oh, well. It's ouchy, but it ain't gonna kill me, so whining will remain at a minimum. What I am gonna do is go over to the Vermont Country Store site and get myself one of those neato little Gilhoolie jar opener gadgets, on account of my thumbs not bending quite the way they used to. Such a cool little gadget!

Did you know VCS carries flannel sheets printed with the Peanuts Gang? So warm, so fluffy! OMG, flannel sheeeeets, where have you beeeeeen....

Whenever you finish your WIPs - and you WILL! - by golly, I will be there to read them! Yes!!

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