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March, Already?


And there, my friends, is a great summation of 2016 so far. I can't even begin (and you certainly don't have time) for me to share all the ups and downs. But that's life, right? Of course, just when there's light at the end of that very overused tunnel and I think I'm going to get to spend some time online, we've experienced an odd spate of unreliable internet service. No clue why. But that's life, right?

Heh, sensing a theme?

The important things are those of us here at Chez Munder are reasonably happy, healthy, and yes! I am an editing fool on these two novellas.

How are things going for you?


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Mar. 14th, 2016 06:15 pm (UTC)
Hey-ho! Still here.

Visited the nice tax lady last week, so I'll be getting a generous little something back pretty soon. \o/

Spent a bit of it on a jolly set of Charlie Brown sheets for my mother for her upcoming 80th (OMG!) birthday, but the rest will go to savings. Probably.

Ma will scold me for the expense, but she loves Charlie Brown and Snoopy, and with Dad losing his mental threads more and more these days she's shouldering much of the burden for both their lives, and I think she deserves something fun just for herself (Ma and Pa have separate bedrooms now. It seems to work better). Also sheets are practical, so there. ;)

Sometimes, as you point out, there's only so much one can do about a situation. So, we have to stop fretting over the things we wish we could do, and concentrate on whatever it is that we CAN do, and do that. Ugh. Patience, not my forte. :P
Mar. 17th, 2016 06:10 pm (UTC)
Hey there sweetie! Yay! for a tax refund, and for the Charlie Brown sheets for mum. It is odd when we reach "that age", isn't it? When we spend more time worrying about our parents than just about anything else. I suppose it's some kind of karmic payback.

I'm having a hard time with the patience aspect of things as well this month and I've pretty much fallen off being online (again, still ...)But I'm getting better at accepting there's only so much I can do at any one time and I'm trying to pick wiser battles. Heh. I'll let you know how that goes.

I have just found a nifty Chrome extension that allows me to change the contrast/invert colors on webpages which in these times of light backgrounds and fonts is almost a miracle. Which is good, except that Chrome is going to stop supporting my Windows Vista Operating system. *sniffs* It's only xxx years old, dang it. I'm not looking forward to upgrading systems.

Anyhoooooooo! I'll catch you next month (see, I'm on to you)

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