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March Contest is up and ready for you!

LOL - yes, I've gotten off my behind the mark duff and updated the website with the March Contest.

It's almost Spring - but not! March is always an odd month. Somedays the weather has warmed, the snow has melted, and my heart beats that much faster as it tries to convince me that Winter is releasing its grasp. But just as soon as I start to believe that - here comes another snowstorm.

Anticipation is sometimes the best part of life. Whether it's anticipating Spring, the climb up the steep slope of a rollercoaster or a new romance. Nothing else can quit capture that same thrill and nerve-ending tingle.

But it's easy to lose, buried beneath a snowstorm or the demands of real life.

Sometimes a little spice in the bedroom can bring back that thrill and tingle. Have you done a little something to heat things back up in your love life?

Brian, my character in Brush with Desire enjoys a bit of submission with his romance - especially if it comes with some spanking.

Stop by my website www.chrissymunder.com to enter today. You could win a pdf copy of Brush with Desire.