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New Review - Brush with Desire

Just like with our children we authors have characters and stories that are our "favorites". We aren't supposed to have them, we try to love them all the same but it still happens.

One of my "favorites" is the short story Brush with Desire. So, I am always pleased when someone new reads it and then tells me they enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Here's a new review from Well Read :

Overall: This story fairly sparkles with humour and wit. Brian's sympathetic viewpoint and self-depreciating personality make this 'BDSM-lite' story very amusing as well as engrossing. There is a feast for the senses as the author describes in detail the smells, sounds, looks and tastes that Brian encounters during the liason with Dale, adding to the sexual tension, which starts small and is slowly increased as the story progresses. I'm not usually a fan of BDSM, but the way that the author describes the emotions that Brian encounters, made me understand why he would wish to take on the submissive role. I'm giving this a grade of 'Excellent' and would highly recommend it to anyone with a spare hour or so.