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There's a new review up at Rainbow Reviews for the Reflections of Love Anthology . My thanks to clarelondon for the shout out.

Overall Review of the anthology:

From new relationships to long time loves, this anthology of stories revolves around the romantic holiday Valentine’s Day. Some men are anxious for love, others are trying to rekindle lost love and still others are looking for love just for the night. The stories range from sweet to scorching hot with something for every romance lover. Standouts are easily “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”, “Milestones”, and “Under Protest”. These alone make the anthology worth reading and went solidly on my favorites list while the others offer a varying array of hot and sexy men sure to please any palate.

Review for Milestones
Milestones by Chrissy Munder
In this absolutely lovely story, Jeff and Devon have been together for five years but after the first few years, they both let work and individual focuses divert their attention from their relationship. While the impetus for this seems to be Jeff’s singular dedication to his business and less and less on Devon and their relationship, Devon’s willingness to go along with Jeff without speaking up certainly did them no favors. It takes an enterprising employee of Jeff’s with some well placed advice to turn these men around and put them back onto the road to happiness in their relationship. The love between Jeff and Devon was clear as was the sense of loss they both felt at the current state their relationship slipped into. I loved the honest emotions of both men and the reminder that all relationships take effort, perhaps the most when your attention is elsewhere.