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Walking back into the firestorm

Just back in from a long weekend away with no television or internet. I applaud everyone who has posted a link or a comment regarding the enormous and amazing events that came to light over the weekend.

For those that joined me under my rock this past weekend you can find out more about the aptly-named AmazonFail and how they stripped the rankings from many "adult" books (specifically those with GLBT content) by clicking here, here, or here.

Even assuming Amazon manages to fix this latest issue with any amount of speed, and a vast assortment of backpedaling, please stop for just a moment, and consider this moment of - no matter the spin they put on it - what can only be perceived as discrimination and censorship.

Is this really 2009?

edited: thanks to many, many posts on the subject I came across erastes who has the biggest set of links yet on the subject - click here.