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Sunday Thoughts

I had a lot of fun yesterday the Dreamspinner Author chat over at Love Romance's Cafe even with the usual Yahoo like behavior and my inability to post quite often. It was a real blast to read all the new excerpts and see all the new faces (so to speak). Unfortunately my chat time was interrupted by the neighborhood crisis (the stuntpunk who cracked his head open is fine, thanks for the emails asking - but apparently there really was a bit of skull cracked so it was rather interesting).

We were due to have company today and expecting them around noon or so, thus giving me plenty of time to shower and pick up the house and do company coming kind of things. At 7:30 a.m. (we were just thinking coffee thoughts)we received a call they were on their way. We waved goodbye an hour ago. I need a nap. LOL.

First I will finish answering the questions for an author interview I am doing and attempt not to contemplate what I need to do to get ready for the work week.