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To Have and To Hold Release Day!

June 1st is upon us and with it the release of the Dreamspinner Press To Have and to Hold - A Love Story a Day for the month of June.

Even if it's too late to get one a day delivered to your email inbox all through June (sorry), you can still purchase the entire set in one downloadable zip file for $59.99 or each stories on an individual basis.

I have two stories available for your reading pleasure in this collection:

Promise of the Heart
Jacob agrees to fill in as a wedding photographer for a friend, never expecting to come face to face with a ghost from the past: Alan, the man he loved and lost through his unchecked ambition. Will Jacob get a second chance to keep the promise he made in his heart?

A Simple Life
Frank wasn't sure what to think when Clark gave him a present in a little white box. It wasn't his birthday; it wasn't their anniversary. But what he finds will become a precious piece of his life.