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Not so idle Sunday

Good morning all! It's Sunday *does little happy dance*. I'm coffee'd out and it's been a busy morning with more fun ahead. I do owe emails (you know who you are) and I promise I'll get to them but first, today's excitement:

What a nice morning, the coffee/yoga thing out of the way (yes, I have combined the two). Morning oatmeal made with fresh MI blueberries, strawberries and cinnamon. 2 loads of laundry done, the dishes done, the house picked up and ready for the week (other than the mid-paint living room). The fridge cleaned out and two grocery lists made (one for the bulk warehouse, one for the store). Today's cardio and weights out of the way and I've even painted my fingernails (multi-tasking - they dry on the treadmill).

The best part now lies ahead *rubs hands with glee*. During the course of my travels in the last two weeks I managed to glean a new file cabinet. Waist high, two drawers, black with lock. Slightly dented and scratched...but deep and wide. Double the width and depth of my current filled to the brim file cabinet. And better yet - it takes legal-size folders.

I admit I'm of the paper generation. I know there is software out there that will take all my notes and research and tidy it up and hold it electronically - I even have one on the older computer that I've really not played with. I can't seem to break away from the paper. So, for each story I have a redrope (heavy dark reddish expandable file) filled with other manila folders labeled with research, character notes, handwritten drafts, etc.

Since my older cabinet has been filled for months now my paper is overtaking my counter. Today I wrestled the cabinet down to the basement. So while the man is upstairs putting the 2nd coat of paint on the living room walls and ripping out molding that was acceptable yesterday but needs to be replaced today I I will empty the small, narrow file cabinet and lovingly fill my new baby.

Trust me, he'll take it, and he'll like it.

*is happy*