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The power of the eBook

Let me wave a fond hello and danke this morning to Elvin. A satisfied reader of Fair Winds.


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Nov. 12th, 2009 11:52 am (UTC)
Question :D
Hi there ^^

I read your "Fair Winds" yesterday and I loved your book. I was just wanting to ask if you plan to work on sequel to that book or book 2 :). We still didn't see how the relationship developed between Ike and Rudy which would be great to read, and what about the upcoming race :).

I really hope you have a plan to continue this book ^^ It's worth it, he he.

Have a nice day ^^

Nov. 17th, 2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Question :D
Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed Fair Winds. It really means quite a lot to know that you liked it enough to do so.

I have to admit, I'm quite fond of Rudy and Ike as well as the rest of the guys. This piece was really meant to just be a slice of life, a one weekend glimpse into their world. But, I had such a good time with the guys and while I don't want to disappoint a reader because of timing, I will let you know that I do have a sequel in mind. The only flaw is that it is currently at the back of my to-be-written pile. So, I can't promise when - but I can say that I do have plans to revisit the guys - someday.

Best wishes to you, and thank you again for commenting.
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