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Check out this cover!! I think this one is going down as one of my all time favorites from Dreamspinner Press.

Here's the blurb for the Curious Anthology: Aren't you just a little curious? What is it about gay male romance that turns female readers on? The truth is that women love romance and sexy men. When it's a story about two men falling in love, there's twice the attraction. We've chosen stories that run the gamut of M/M romantic fiction: from initial curiosity to the first blush of love, from awkward first times to finding fulfillment, and from heart-warming forever devotion to hot and sweaty sex. Think of it as a romance buffet: take a little bit, try a little dab, and find the flavor of M/M romance that satisfies you.

Included is my short story Spontaneous: Michael Vincent didn't know what to call it when his now ex-boyfriend, Derek, called him boring and predictable and took off leaving Michael with a week off work and his vacation plans in shambles. Rather than sitting around moping, he decides to prove Derek wrong and show him that Michael can do spontaneous as well as the next guy. Unfortunately, Michael's newly changed plans have definitely gone awry. At least until he spies construction worker Eben Bowman from the bed and breakfast's window. Suddenly, being spontaneous isn’t all that hard when Michael is given the right incentive.