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A new soldier enters the battle

Periodically I've commented across the web that I'm interested in people's view on their various models of eReaders. Never prone to hasty decisions my dithering has been going on for a year or more despite the absolute raves eReader fans have given the devices.

The big stopper? It always come back to the inner voice which loudly states 'well, if you're going to spend the money then just get a laptop with all its multiple uses'. For those curious as to just why I've yet to even take the laptop plunge, ponder the first paragraph above and in addtion, realize I have two, amazingly aged, but completely functioning desktops at home (one strictly for wordprocessing) which I guiltily feel is already an example of over-consumption and excessive excess (really, don't get me started, LOL).

Slowly meandering my way to a final decision, a new soldier enters the battle. Yes, the iPad. Well, hell. You can imagine my dilemma and then my delight when I came across this video comparison between the iPad and eReaders at Digital Trends.

Helpful. But now I can't help but be interested to see the HP volley in return to the iPad. You know it's coming.