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How about some Monday Reviews?

Not only a new week, but a new month as well!

I'll start the Monday off with a few new reviews for Start From the Beginning.

4 Stars from Night Owl Romance Reviews: Reading these characters' interactions - from Drew trying to ignore Miles, to Miles having none of it in his own way - and the progression of how their thoughts change, to reading how those changing thoughts translate into actions made this a wonderful little novella.

and, a grade of Excellent from Jenre over at Well Read: It was all rather delightful and beautifully done, especially in some of the tender moments between the men and in the way that their feelings develop for one another..

In addition to the review itself, Jen and her commentors gave my work some quite unexpected praise that left me with a good dose of warm fuzzies for the rest of the weekend, and almost made up for my dentist appointment.

New as well, 4 Stars from Kassa, over at ReviewsbyJessewave for the Curious</a> Anthology. Including a mention of my short, Spontanteous.