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Another Thursday already? Time flies! Today's excerpt is from Just a Little Romance. I know most people go to a casino to relax and have fun. I find myself far more fascinated by the security measures than I do the actual gaming. How about you? Do you look up at the ceiling and count the cameras? Do you look for the ones that are hidden? Can you guess just who in the crowd around you is undercover security?

Summary: Valentine's Day isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when you're alone and working in the midst of happy (and unhappy) couples in a casino. Jeremiah is stuck between working a double shift, loneliness, his best friend's little sister out to snare him, and a wish for a little romance. Little does he know that the dreaded "holiday" just might end up a little better than expected.

Just a Little Romance available from Dreamspinner Press

Buy Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1339

Read the 4 Angel Review from Fallen Angel Reviews (http://www.fallenangelreviews.com/2008/October/Whitney-JustALittleRomance.htm )


The radio on his hip buzzed, interrupting his thoughts, and Jeremiah hit the button on the side as he held it up to his ear to better hear over the din from the main floor.

“Next time you break, come up to the control room and check your messages. You had a call earlier.” The sound was slightly tinny, but Jeremiah’s ears were used to the bit of static and recognized the voice.

“Roger, that.” Jeremiah looked at his watch and pressed the button on his radio again. “I’ll see you in five.”

He started the walk to the nearest exit, but it wasn’t as simple as it sounded. Everything was geared to keep the guests on the floor where the action and the demand for their money was, especially the floor plan. Exiting the main floor quickly was practically impossible, but Jeremiah soon slid his coded key card through the slot at the security elevator and
made his way to the top floor control room.

This was the most amazing part of the whole casino in Jeremiah’s mind, and his favorite place to be. From this level there wasn’t any part of the casino below that couldn’t be observed or listened to. Technology was a wonderful thing.

He pressed his thumb against the biometric scanner and gained admittance to what they jokingly called the “Crow’s Nest.” Here were the main bank of closed circuit televisions that received their digital feed from the cameras below and the staff that worked them.

“Hey there, Jeremiah.” A couple of guys he knew noticed his arrival and said hello, but their attention stayed focused on the screens in front of them. He waved acknowledgment but kept walking through the darkened rooms to the seat at the back where he knew he’d find his
buddy, Steve.

“How’s it going tonight?” Jeremiah asked as he gratefully slid his long frame into the soft-cushioned chair and put his booted feet up on the edge of the counter with a groan. A hazard of the job, it didn’t matter what he tried, anything over a few hours and it was always a relief to get off them.

“Nothing real crazy yet.” Steve yawned and fumbled around with the papers in front of him before handing him a piece of paper. “Here it is. I’m just gearing up for that magical weekend when love is in the air and sex is in every elevator we’ve got. Don’t these people realize that we’ve got cameras on them and pervs like me are watching and making
discs to jerk off to later?”

“You’re sick.” Jeremiah couldn’t help but laugh. It was an old joke, but he knew better. The display feed policies were actually pretty strict, not that it kept anyone from joking about it.

“Amen to that.” Steve turned his attention back to the feed in front of him and waved absently at Jeremiah. “That’s one of the reasons why, unlike you, V day is one of my personal favs.”

“I don’t dislike it, really.” Jeremiah tried to defend himself. “I just think it’s overly hyped and marketed. I mean, aren’t you supposed to show the person you love your feelings all year long rather than on one arbitrary day?”

“Like you would know.” Steve laughed. “I think it bugs you ’cause it reminds you what you’re missing. When’s the last time you had any passion in your life?”

“Fuck you, Mr. Home-Alone-with-my-DVD,” Jeremiah snapped back. “Besides, I’m not looking for any grand passion. Just a little romance would do me just fine.”

“Oh jeez, come on, Madigan.” Steve groaned. “You’re out there on the floor night after night, don’t tell me you don’t get offers. This place is crawling with people looking to get lucky in one way or another. And you want to hold out for romance?”

“I want something more than just a weekend hit and run. I want something real.” Jeremiah was thankful the lighting in the room was dim, hiding his face as he longingly revealed his secret.

“Seeing as how you work in a casino I don’t have to tell you the odds of that, do I?” Steve muttered back, his attention caught by a couple on the screen in front of him. “Look, check it out, ten to one they’re going to head towards the elevators.”

Jeremiah grunted at Steve’s response and pushed himself out of the chair.

“Hey.” Steve caught his arm. “I’m just yanking your chain, catch you on your lunch?”

“Yeah.” Jeremiah replied, unable to stay mad at his friend. He looked down at the note in his hand and a quick smile flashed across his face when he saw the name. Jonah! He’d not heard from his close friend in a while and hadn’t gotten around to calling himself.

He wandered into one of the staff lounges, nodded to those he recognized before sitting down and pulling out his cell phone with anticipation. He and Jonah had grew up together and were closer than most brothers. He couldn’t wait to catch-up.