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In keeping with the Dreamspinner Press 20% off holiday sale going on now here's a snip from Santa's Little Helper, one of my favorite holiday stories. Rob is such a feisty character.

Summary: Left in the lurch without a Santa, Rob grabs a gorgeous guy he sort-of recognizes from the office to wear the red suit, and it's immediate attraction on both their parts. But Rob's ex, John, knows something important about the jolly ol' fellow, something he hopes doesn't ruin the holiday magic.


“Holly, Jolly, my ass!” Rob Pawloski exclaimed in exasperation. He peeked out behind the velvet curtain and saw the long line of children and parents that stretched for what seemed like miles around the interior courtyard of the mall.

What had started out to be a fun and charitable way to raise money for a well-known children’s charity by the members of his office had turned into a nightmare. HIS nightmare. He wasn’t sure where all the “in charge” people had gone to, but they had definitely gone and left him holding the bag.

Or Santa sack as the case may be.

“Sure, they made it sound so easy. Santa, a few elves. Make the kids happy and raise money at the same time.” He could only groan. “What am I going to do?”

“Pssst, Rob. What’s the hold up?” It was John from web design, festively dressed up in velvet green, complete with a rather fetching cap with a white bobble on top. His appointed task for the event was photographer, but so far, irritating Rob had been all John’d managed to do. Of course, that’s why they had broken up ages ago. Some things just never changed. “They’re starting to eat me alive out there.”

“There’s no Santa.” Rob replied despondently.

“What? What do you mean there’s no Santa?”

“There’s no Santa.” Rob repeated the words very slowly. As if it would make any difference.

“Well, where’d Paul go?”

Rob reminded himself that throttling John might have been an option when they first broke up, but the cops would never buy the heat of passion defense after all this time. “He never got here. There’s a big accident downtown and everyone’s stuck in it until it clears.”

John looked insulted. “I wasn’t caught in it and I came through downtown.”

Rob rolled his eyes. “That’s because you’ve been here since six this morning, John.” He straightened up to his full five foot eight inches of authority. If the impact was slightly lessened by the elf costume he had on no one was near that was going to mention it.

“There was a really great sale…”

“Look, you’re going to have come back here and be the Santa.” Rob interrupted with a hiss.

“I’m not being the Santa.”

“You have to.” Rob glared at his ex one more time. He really hated it when John acted like this.

“Uh, uh. Then who’s going to take the pictures?”

“I’ll take the damn pictures.” Rob snarled.

“You can’t. Then who will pass them out and take the money?”

Oh god. Rob thought. John was actually right. Damn it! No way could he tell him that.

“This is a disaster.”


“Just go out there and stall them, John.” Rob held one hand up in front of his face. “I have to think. And god knows I can’t think when you’re looking at me.”

Buy Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1130


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Re: Классный блог!
Well, if Google translate is correct....Thanks for the compliment. And yeah, writing more is on the list. :)
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