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Don't forget to Save the Date!

Girls just want to have fun - and margaritas. What next when they don't want the fun to end? Join Clare London and Chrissy Munder as they kick off their new blog adventure - The Clare and Chrissy Show, and find out.

Once a month we are getting together and sharing our conversations with you! Join us for our inaugural post, Wednesday, August 18th, as we examine the topics that challenge us in our daily lives both as women and authors.

Here's a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg ahead:
MySpace vs. Facebook. Two authors' points of view
Chrissy’s living room couch, and the Clares who love it
Writing: What do we tell the kids?
Kid people vs. Pet people
Take a look in our drawers (kitchen junk drawers that is)
Will be ever be able to read again without that imaginary red pen?