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Excerpt Thursday! Third Times the Charm

Another week, time for another excerpt. This story is another one I'm quite fond of. Inspired by real life as such stories often are.

Third Times the Charm in the Make Me a Match Anthology Volume One available from Dreamspinner Press, All RomanceEbooks and other fine retailers.

Color me stunned – This short story made the Well Read Books of the Year 2008 M/M Short Story.

Summary: John Turner went to the 24-hour Urgent Care center to get his employee Bobby some medical attention, not to scope out the doctors. But Nick Davros was awfully hard to ignore. So when Bobby's cousin gets hurt at the construction site, John knows exactly where to go. Despite Bobby's best matchmaking attempts, Nick doesn't seem interested in John - until a calamitous event throws them together a third time.


Nick Davros stood in the hallway and stared down at the charts spread out on the small ledge in front of him. It was a busy afternoon at the clinic and it looked like he had his choice of patients. There was a possible case of jock itch in room 3, an ingrown toenail in room 7 and a chest infection in room 9.

And the lucky winner was – Nick looked at the times noted on the intake forms – the chest infection had been logged in first. Yuck. He had been working double shifts at the 24 hour Urgent Care center for three months now and despite his years of med school and his residency he was still having a problem with phlegm. In a word it simply was gross.

But beggars couldn’t be choosers and for the next couple of years at least until he got a few of his student loans paid off he definitely fit the category of beggar. And that meant seeing a lot of phlegm and all the other strange and unnatural body fluids that came along with being a general practioner at the urgent care center. Of course, there were one or two body fluids he wouldn’t actually mind seeing more of – but who had time?

Nick picked up the chart and walked down the corridor to exam room 9. He paused outside the door to take a quick scan of the notes taken by the physician’s assistant at the initial triage. Hmm, an older male in his mid-fifties. Overweight, of course. His blood pressure looked a little high and he had an elevated temperature. Nick could hear the rattling cough coming from inside the room and winced at the liquid sound.

Yep. Plenty of phlegm. Not good.

The patient must have a friend in there with him because as Nick closed the chart back up and prepared to knock there was a raucous burst of laughter from inside the room.

“Christ, your tits are bigger than my last girlfriend’s!”

That was a nice voice, rather deep but not rough like a smoker’s voice. Interesting. Nick did always have a thing for men with deep voices.

Another one of those wet-sounding coughs was the response. “Shit, like you ever had a girlfriend.”

“I’ll have you know that I was quite the ladies man in the first grade.” There was the nice voice again. Nick closed his eyes and tried to imagine how the man would look. Blond or brunet? Light eyes or dark? It was stolen moments like these that kept him going through the long shifts.

“Yeah, right.”

“Really. I used to kiss Missy Collins in the coat closet every day at lunch.”

“So what ever happened?” More of the rough coughing. Nick opened his eyes. He really should get in there and get the show on the road, but he found he was interested now in the answer.

“Like all women, she was fickle and broke my heart.” Nick couldn’t help but smile at the melodramatic sigh. “I found her hiding in our coat closet with Billy MacDonal one day – he traded her a kiss for a look at the wart on his finger.”

“That figures.” Another coughing jag came on the heels of the rough chuckle.

“It would never have lasted.” The owner of the nice voice certainly had a nice laugh to go along with it. “I have it on good authority, specifically Billy MacDonal, that she went on to become quite the slut.”

Buy link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1012