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Excerpt Thursday! Brush with Desire

Time for another excerpt! This week I'm posting a clip from one of my favorite stories. Brush with Desire features a character I often wish to come back and write a sequel for. No, it's not Brian or Dale, fun as they are. It's Dwayne, Brian's overly bonded cat. You never know, Dwayne may get another day in the spotlight.

Summary: After a grueling day at work, Brian's only looking forward to heading home to his cat when he stops at an all-night mega-store for a few groceries. The man he meets in the hair-care aisle wasn't on his shopping list, but after their first encounter, Brian suspects he's going to become a necessity. Rated a *Wet Dream*

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Luckily the store was pretty deserted at this hour of the morning. Even so there was just something weird about walking through the cosmetic aisles. Not quite as weird as having to wander though the feminine hygiene row to get to the personal lubricant and such but weird none the less.

There was some guy kneeling down at one end of the row looking at the assortment of hairbrushes and combs but Brian was so tired he just wandered past without taking a good look.

That wasn’t a good sign – if he was too tired to even take a look did that mean he was getting old? Maybe he was giving up? Focus. Brian told himself sternly. Hair bands. Of course, there had to be the selection from hell to wade through, hairbrushes, alligator clips, barrettes. Rubber bands. There they were, all the way at the other end of row.

All-righty then. Time to search through all the madcap assortment of colors and sizes and cartoon characters to find some nice plain, black, fabric color bands. Way too much stimulation for his brain to cope with this morning.

Why did it have to be so hard? If he really thought about it he might say it reminded him of searching through the condom display looking for one particular favorite brand.

Not that he’d done any of that lately either.

Maybe he should just give up and cut his hair. Brian set his basket on the floor and reached behind to finger the long, dark braid that hung down to his waist. He had been stuck in a bit of a rut lately. Both fashion and otherwise.

There was a nice aroma in the aisle, something kinda familiar, the scent teasing at his nose and Brian looked around to see if there were any perfume displays. No. So where was that intriguing scent coming from? There was nothing here but him and the guy at the end of the row.


Brian picked up a package of rubber bands and casually looked over at the man still debating over the selection of hairbrushes. Now that was interesting. Not only the pleasing cologne, but the guy was wearing a suit. A nice, expensive suit at that.

He’d been a waiter at an upscale restaurant a few years back, a way to pay for his IT degree and even from this distance Brian could tell from the color and drape that the light wool had cost a pretty penny. And the guy was just kneeling in the middle of the row uncaring of the dust and wear. Some people’s kids.

Brian decided to take a look at some of the alligator clips in the middle of the long row. He did use them to pull his hair up on top of his head sometimes when he needed a quick shower and couldn’t be bothered with combing out his hair. The fact the little action moved him closer to the man in the nice suit had nothing to do with his decision. Nothing at all.

Oh my.

It wasn’t that having moved closer to the kneeling man Brian could smell the cologne even better. It wasn’t even that from what he could see the man had a trim figure and nice full head of blond hair. No, it was definitely his hands.

Large hands.

Well-groomed hands.

Hands that were calmly and sensuously stroking over the brush in his hand like…like…like Brian wished those hands were touching him. Oh to have been those bristles, the curved wood of the handle.

Brian forgot that his basket was still down by the hair bands; he forgot he was in the middle of the twenty-four hour mega store. He stood there in a flushed daze and watched as the stranger carefully and slowly felt up the hairbrushes in his search for the perfect one.

And boy, judging by the tent in Brian’s thankfully baggy cargo pants, was it getting him hot. Brian wiggled slightly, trying to adjust himself without being too obvious. Although what he really wanted to do was push the heel of his hand down on his unruly dick and tell it to behave.

It wasn’t so much that he was tired, even though he was that. It wasn’t even the incongruity of the image before him. It was the care; the thorough and purposeful way the man was running his long and elegant fingers over the brush in his hands.

Like it was the only thing in his world. The only thing that mattered.

Like Brian would love to have someone treat him.

When the man held the hairbrush in one hand and moved his wrist to feel the weight and balance of the brush Brian’s brain was filled with all sorts of nasty, wishful images that he just knew was going to feature prominently in his next jack-off session.

When the man grasped the handle firmly and let the back of brush hit his other palm with a solid smack Brian bit his lip to keep from whimpering out loud as he imagined the sound that would make on his own ass, the pink flush that would rise up on his bare skin and the deepening mark it would leave behind.

Nasty, wishful images indeed.

Buy Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1320


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Oct. 1st, 2010 09:46 am (UTC)
I'm very happy with nasty, wishful images, me.

Have an excellent weekend, hope to catch up with you at some stage *hugs*.
Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
As we pass in the night...LOL.

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