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Excerpt Thursday! It Takes One to Know One

Have you ever known a guy named Zeke? I have. What a doll. I didn't even have him in mind when I wrote today's short story - It Takes One to Know One. But once the character ran his hand so sensually down the side of the Lotus there was no turning back. Zeke he became.

Summary: Tow-truck driver and car enthusiast Zeke Darden is a connoisseur of well-tuned engines and well-turned asses ~ and a late-night call to rescue a classic beauty turns into an introduction that just might lead to the enjoyment of both.

Read the 4 Star Review from Rainbow Reviews here: “A great story that you won’t want to end by an author that delivers time and time again, this short tale is a sure win.”


I was dreaming again. It was the same dream as usual. The same
lovely, lovely dream that always came on the rough nights. The lonely
nights when I was tired and sore from working too many hours with too
little sleep. Sometimes I thought I could live on this dream alone, it was
that satisfying.

The chirp of the speaker on my cell was loud, just like the voice
that was calling my name and reminding me that satisfaction was
obviously something I was meant to live without.

“Darden? You there?”

I groaned and rolled over onto my side away from the phone,
pulling the pillow over my head to block out the voice. I didn’t want to
answer; I wanted to go back to that far-off racetrack, smell the erotic
odors of exhaust and fuel mixed with the tang of burning tires, feel the
throbbing engine under my hands….

“Come on, Zeke, pickup.” Even though Lola, my dispatcher, was
only in her thirties, she always managed to sound like a sixty-year old
chain smoker. Some might find that husky rough voice rather erotic; I
was always reminded of a documentary I’d seen once on the phone sex

You can laugh, but until you’ve seen a sun-leathered grandmother
playing canasta with her friends while she talks a client through his
jerking off, you can’t understand. It still really creeps me out. But Lola
was part of the package when I bought the towing company, so I’ve


Without opening my eyes, I reached out with a hand still clad in
my working gloves - black, fingerless leather that protected my palms but
let me keep the dexterity I needed - and picked up that devil’s invention
called a cell phone, pressing the button on the side.

“Zeke’s dead and can’t come to the phone right now,” I mumbled
sleepily. Well, it was worth a try, wasn’t it?

“Up and at’em, Zeke. Time to roll.” Yeah, she definitely sounded
like she’d smoked three packs and then pounded a bottle of Jack. It
made her a popular gal up here in the sticks.

I groaned again. What kind of new torture was this? “I just pulled
16 hours, Lola. Get somebody else.”

“You’ll hate me if I do. You want this call, Zeke. Trust me.” Ooh,
was that a cough? It reminded me a little of my grandfather. Was Lola
started to venture into the realm of old man noises now? Yeah, that was
real sexy.

“I wanna go to sleep. Get Jimmy.” What can I say? When the
pressure’s on I can whine with the best of them.

“Would I bug you if it wasn’t the call of your dreams?” Ok, she
was starting to get to me just a little.

“There ain’t nothing out there like I was just dreamin’ of.” I
managed to successfully pry one red-rimmed eye open and stared at the
clock beside the bed.

“Christ! Lola! It’s 4:30 in the morning!” This went beyond cruel
and unusual. Wasn’t I the boss?

“That’s right, and you need to pull your head out of your ass and
get moving.” Sometimes I just get no respect.

“What in the hell could possibly be good enough to get me out of
bed at 4:30 in the morning?” I had managed to open the other eye now.
My dreams were fading into the mist as quickly as the rather impressive
(if I say so myself) hard-on they had caused.

“It’s the Lotus, Zeke.”

“WHAT?” Ok, I had to admit it, she’d definitely gotten my

I jumped out of bed and fumbled on the floor for the jeans I had
dropped when I’d come in a scant hour before, pulling them up over my
hips and ignoring my lack of underwear. Anything to save time and
laundry soap.

I’d moved up to the sleepy rural town a year ago and only seen
my dream car twice. Both times at it roared past me like I was standing
still, leaving me hard and aching in its wake. And now…!

“That got your attention, huh?”

I could hear the smile in Lola’s voice; my lust for that car was
definitely a subject for humor among my employees. I ignored it and
reached down for my favorite flannel shirt. There was an oil stain on it
from the Pontiac I’d towed last, but I shrugged and pulled it on anyway.
Who was going to complain?

“Boots, where are my boots?” I frantically looked around the
debris field that was my bedroom. I’d just kicked them off, how far could
they have gone?

“Let me know when you’re on the road and I’ll give you the
location.” That was Lola again. Patience wasn’t one of her virtues. Come
to think of it, I really didn’t know if she had any virtues.

“Yeah, yeah.” I grabbed my keys and my boots with the hand not
holding the phone and dived out the door to the covered pad where my
rig was parked.

I cranked the engine, the diesel chatter a familiar and comforting
sound, and hit the switches, illuminating the lights up and down the
frame before I pulled the wrecker out onto the road. This was going to
be a good morning. I could feel it.

“Talk to me, Lola.”

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Oct. 22nd, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
I adore Zeke already! The inner-snark sold me. This: My dreams were fading into the mist as quickly as the rather impressive (if I say so myself) hard-on they had caused. just killed me. It's such a guy thing, you know?

I look forward to finding out if the Lotus's driver is as hot as his car. I bet Zeke's looking forward to it, too. ;)

Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:44 pm (UTC)
*nods eagerly* I really should write Zeke another one. This one is too short for all his glory. LOL. Enjoy.
Oct. 22nd, 2010 04:33 pm (UTC)
A Car Story! Why haven't I ordered that yet?
Oct. 22nd, 2010 07:45 pm (UTC)
Thus was born Excerpt Thursdays. LOL. This is one of those stories that just kind of hangs out quietly in the backlist.

I really adore your icon - and have shared that cat's feeling.
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