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Reviews for Fair Winds

Reviews for Fair Winds.
Buy Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1308

Reviewed by Kathy at Dark Diva Reviews: 5 Delightful Divas in a Review you can read here. And I'm pleased to say that Fair Winds was also entered in their Book of the Month Reader's Poll.

Fair Winds was totally engaging, exciting and a perfect story about friendship, relationships and falling in love. The way that Ms. Munder ended the story was wonderful, and I can definitely see room for another adventure with the crew of Devlin’s Due… hopefully soon!

Reviewed by Scandalous Minx at Literary Nymphs: 5 Nymphs and a Golden Blush Recommended Read

I don’t know which enthralled me more; the characters, the setting or the plot. Maybe it was the combination of all three and how well they danced together like the perfect Tango. I’m truly in love with this story, and hope Chrissy Munder won’t leave this incredible tale at just one book. I personally would love to gain more time with the crew of Devlin’s Due. This is a fantastic read should not be missed, and even those who get seasick from looking at a pool will find pleasure reading Fair Winds.

Reviewed by April at Fallen Angels Reviews: 4 Angels - You can’t go wrong with Fair Winds! Rudy Haas completely makes this story great. Even though Ike is the alpha-male type, with tall, dark, and silent down pat, Rudy still steals the show with his gentle nature and gritty drive to succeed at any cost.

Reviewed by Jenre at her blog Well Read or her expanded post over at ReviewsbyJessewave where she is a guest reviewer. - All in all a great novella which kept my attention from start to finish, despite my lack of knowledge about sailing. Grade: Very Good.