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Reviews for A Gift of Ash and Frost

A Gift of Ash and Frost
Buy Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?cPath=55_128&products_id=1435

Reviewed by Whitney at Fallen Angel Reviews. 4 Angels This is an engaging read with characters that are well-developed in spite of the shortness of the story. Mathias quickly captures the sympathy and affection of the reader, and although less time is spent with the secondary characters, we still get to know them through Mathias’s eyes. Throughout the story, Mathias repeats his mother’s philosophy: Be careful what you wish for. In the beginning, this is a negative and somewhat self-defeating adage that suggests that reaching for something above one’s station in life will lead to disaster. At the end, however, this takes on an entirely different connotation, as Mathias realizes that being true to himself can actually lead to positive results. Readers picking up A Gift of Ash and Frost should expect an enjoyable experience. This story is well worth the read.

Reviewed by Emily: Full Review here - This is the second story from Chrissy as part of the advent calendar ~ this is quite different from the first story and is just as enjoyable. This is an intense story of a man who has been dealt a difficult hand with his life, more so than you can possibly imagine from the start of the story. As the story progresses, we learn more about Mathias as he discovers things about himself. I love the style this story is written in ~ it pulls you right into the overall setting of the story.

and The story's fast pacing drives toward the exceptionally poignant ending. This is the type of story that I really do feel I need to read numerous times in order to fully digest and appreciate all of it's intricacies and nuances ~ something that I personally love in a story. I really enjoy when each reading can reveal a bit more about the charcters and the underlying design of the story. It is a beautifully written and moving story that I greatly enjoyed and can't wait to read again.

Reviewed by Elisa Rolle - Full Review here. This is one of the best historical gay romance I read [sic] lately, my only regret is that it's too short and left me with the desire to read more."